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Untouched for decades, 1930s-era recreation pavilion to be restored on Ellis Island

Throughout the early 20th century, the sprawling complex on the south side of Ellis Island has served a multitude of purposes, from a hospital for immigrants, to field offices for the FBI and a Coast Guard training facility. Over the past sixty years however, since the closure of Ellis Island’s Immigration Station in 1954, the complex has remained abandoned and largely untouched.

Now, Save Ellis Island, the National Park Service partner for the restoration and preservation of the abandoned hospital compound, is restoring one of its historic buildings, a 1930’s, Beaux-Arts recreation pavilion. The restoration of the pavilion is possible thanks in part to proceeds from tickets of Save Ellis Island’s docent-led tours of the hospital complex, and once complete, the pavilion will offer a new space and new ways for the public to engage with Ellis Island’s history.

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