The George Wright Society champions stewardship of parks, protected & conserved areas, cultural sites, and other kinds of place-based conservation by connecting people, places, knowledge, and ideas. By uniting people from many different backgrounds around a common passion for protecting Earth’s natural and cultural heritage, we create the collaboration needed to meet today’s greatest conservation challenges.



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What sets us apart: Interdisciplinary conservation thinking

GWS’s unique role is to foster interdisciplinary place-based conservation. Specialist organizations and subject-matter professional societies create essential knowledge. GWS operates one level up from that endeavor: we provide opportunities for specialists to go beyond their usual mental boundaries and see how what they know connects with, and complements, what other specialists know. GWS nurtures the kind of context-aware thinking needed to tackle complex conservation problems.

What we create: Innovation

Innovation only comes from open minds. Open minds thrive in a collegial atmosphere that encourages people to think outside their silo, beyond their usual point of view. GWS is the only conservation organization that exists specifically to bring people together from a wide range of points of view in settings designed to allow open-mindedness to flourish. By doing this, GWS creates space for multidimensional learning and collaboration that leads to innovative conservation action.

How we work: Convening

The learning spaces we create are both physical and virtual. We convene opportunities for people to come together in person: face-to-face events that expand communication networks, support mentoring, and build the capacity of park and protected area stewards, cultural and natural resource managers, scientists and other scholars, and teachers and students. We also help create these goods by nurturing a virtual global community of stewardship through publications and online interactions.


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On the eve of CBD COP15, new paper touts tying biodiversity protection with social justice concerns

As global biodiversity loss persists, a team of international scientists is calling for a more holistic approach to biodiversity protection: by coupling conservation efforts with human justice measures.


In a new paper published on Dec. 5 in One Earth, scientists say many goals and timelines aimed at halting biodiversity loss and aiding recovery are actually unrealistic, and that such targets may fail if they don’t address the main drivers of biodiversity loss and inequities between “low-income countries targeted for greatest conservation action, and the high-income countries who have over-consumed their fair share of nature’s benefits.” Area-based protection, which has largely predominated conservation efforts, as seen in the highly publicized 30×30 campaign, cannot be treated as a singular goal, the scientists argue, but must be accompanied by other measures that set both nature and people on a positive path forward.



George Meléndez Wright was born in San Francisco, California, and in 1933 became the first chief of the wildlife division of the U.S. National Park Service. Under his vision and leadership, each park started to survey and evaluate the status of wildlife and to identify urgent problems. As one of the first and only Latino staff for the Park Service, he was a true pioneer in celebrating diversity and working together across disciplines for parks, wildlife & wild places. 

The George Wright Society was founded in 1980 in his honor, to continue the legacy of forward thinking and applied solutions in an ever-changing environment.