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"Public Lands Hate You": Anonymous Instagram shamer tries to expose, discourage bad visitor behavior

When California exploded in a “super bloom” of flowers this spring, Instagram exploded with it, as hordes of selfie-taking tourists descended on the delicate florae. Now an anonymous online vigilante is trying to shame influencers who are trampling the plants they claim to love.

On an Instagram account called Public Lands Hate You, the author adds caustic commentary to images of destruction or carelessness, such as a recent shot of a woman presenting a bouquet of recently uprooted poppies. “Here’s a new low,” they wrote. ”Not just trampling. Not just picking flowers. But pulling the entire plant, roots and all, out of the ground! … Someone please make this stupidity stop.” The author noted that the poster was broadcasting the behavior to more than 13,000 followers.

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