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Eisenhower Memorial officially opens, becoming 420th unit of US NP System

WASHINGTON – The National Park Service formally welcomed the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial as America's 420th unit of the National Park System on Sept. 18, 2020. The memorial honors Eisenhower’s legacy as the World War II Supreme Allied Commander and nation's 34th president.

“As the commanding general in World War II, Dwight Eisenhower forever changed the course of human history in leading the United States to victory. After being persuaded to run for President a few years after the war, he was a transformational leader, peacemaker, rebuilder, civil rights advocate and fiscal hawk who helped make our country a beacon of freedom and hope for the world,” said Secretary of the Interior David L. Bernhardt. “As the stewards of our nation’s monuments, memorials and historical sites, we enthusiastically welcome the Eisenhower Memorial to the National Park System as our 420th unit. We will forever tell the inspiring story of President Eisenhower and his unparalleled legacy through this iconic memorial in Washington D.C.”

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