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Cameroon | Government backtracks, nixes logging plan in intact forest that is prime wildlife habitat

The Cameroon prime minister’s office recently announced it was suspending plans to log Ebo Forest, a large intact forest system in southwestern Cameroon that spans 200,000 hectares (about 500,000 acres), and is home to a number of rare and endangered species.

This news comes three weeks after the Cameroon government released a decree confirming that a logging concession in Ebo Forest had been approved, opening up 68,385 hectares (169,000 acres) of forest, about half the size of London, to logging activities. While the government said that logging would bring wealth and job opportunities for the local communities, conservationists cast doubt on these claims, pointing out that logging operations elsewhere in Cameroon have not previously benefited residents. Activists also said that the 40 communities bordering Ebo Forest had been given little or no say in the logging concession approval.

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