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Imagine Excellence: The GWS Awards Program

Roster of Honorees

[NOTE: The Awards Program is currently on hold as we consider future in-person venues for holding the awards ceremony]

George Melendez Wright Award for Excellence (established 1992)

1992: Jerry F. Franklin
1995: Robert M. Utley, Jean Matthews, William B. Robertson, Jr. (co-winners)
1997: Bruce M. Kilgore
1999: Bryan Harry
2001: Robert M. Linn, Theodore W. Sudia (co-winners)
2002: Boyd Evison
2003: Daniel Lenihan
2005: John Hope Franklin, Jan van Wagtendonk (co-winners)
2007: George B. Hartzog, Jr.
2009: Michael Soukup
2011: Richard West Sellars
2013: Denis P. Galvin
2015: Alan Latourelle
2017: Loran Fraser

2019: Louise Johnson, Abigail Miller (co-winners)

GWS Cultural Resources Achievement Award (established 1997; prior to 2009, called the GWS Cultural Resources Management Award)
1997: Rowland Bowers
1999: Jerry L. Rogers
2001: Ann Hitchcock
2003: Denzil Verardo
2005: Nora Mitchell
2007: Nelly Margarita Robles Garcia
2009: Edwin Colón
2011: Ernie Gladstone
2013: Hugh C. Miller
2015: Mark Michel
2017: Eddie Cazayoux

2019: Melia Lane-Kamahele

GWS Natural Resources Achievement Award (established 1988; prior to 2009, called the GWS Natural Resources Management Award)
1988: Roland Wauer
1990: Robert Moon
1992: No award given
1995: Robert J. Krumenaker
1997: Russell E. Galipeau, Jr.
1999: R. Gerald Wright
2001: Vincent Santucci
2003: Jerry Mitchell
2005: Linda Drees
2007: Charles van Riper III
2009: Kate Roney Faulkner
2011: David Cole
2013: Robert Winfree
2015: Karen Treviño
2017: John Dennis

2019: Anthony R. Fiorillo, Jeffrey Marion (co-winners)

GWS Social Science Achievement Award (established 2009)
2009: Robert Manning
2011: No award given
2013: Peter Newman
2015: James Gramann
2017: Kerri Cahill

2019: Steve Lawson

GWS Communication Award (established 1999)
1999: Tim Davis
2001: Stephanie Dubois
2003: Jeffrey Cross
2005: David Andrews (on behalf of the staff of Common Ground)
2007: Harry Butowsky
2009: Yvonne Menard (in conjunction with colleagues at The Nature Conservancy)
2011: Paul Schullery
2013: Charles Jacobi
2015: Kurt Repanshek
2017: Rolf Diamant

2019: Brenda Barrett

Special Achievement Award (occasional; given at discretion of GWS Board)
2001: George J. Minnucci, Jr.
2003: Wesley R. Henry, Jr.
2007: Gary E. Machlis
2013: Vernon C. "Tom" Gilbert

2019: Maria Caffrey

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