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Yemen | World Monuments Fund gives upbeat assessment of restoration of Old City of Ta'izz

The New York City-headquartered World Monuments Fund (WMF) has shared an optimistic update on its ongoing conservation and preservation efforts in the Old City of Ta’izz, or Taiz, Yemen.

Once regarded as the cultural capital of the relatively large Middle Eastern country at the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula, Taiz, Yemen’s third most populous urban center, has garnered decidedly less flattering nicknames in recent years due to its position in the geographic center of the Yemeni Civil War. From 2015–2017, the mountainous ancient city (a historic hub of coffee production) was held under siege by rebels and, to this day, remains in a precarious state although the situation has eased. As noted by the WMF, which has been engaged in architectural conservation efforts with local partners in war-wracked Taiz since 2018, “signs of revitalization emerge” in the wake of the bloody and relentless conflict.

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