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Two endangered plant species in Channel Islands NP declared fully recovered

Two plants that live on California’s Channel Islands and nowhere else on earth —the Santa Cruz Island Dudleya and island bedstraw— have been declared fully recovered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service due to the collaborative efforts of conservation partners and no longer require Endangered Species Act protections. The delisting of the two species arrives as the Endangered Species Act celebrates 50 years of conservation in 2023.

The successful recovery of two plants adds to the list of species that have now successfully recovered on the islands, including the island fox, peregrine falcon, bald eagle, California brown pelican, and island night lizard. Recently, the Service also announced the delisting of five species on San Clemente Island: San Clemente Island paintbrush, lotus, larkspur and bush-mallow plants and San Clemente Bell’s sparrow.

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