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Sciece advocacy groups blasts DOI’s “siege on science”: “We have no time to lose” on climate change

Under Ryan Zinke the Interior Department has been conducting a "siege on science," according to the Union of Concerned Scientists, which wants the next Congress to do a better job of monitoring what the department is doing and require it to take climate change seriously and plan for coping with its impacts.

"By repeatedly and brazenly sidelining science to better serve the oil, gas, and mining industries, Secretary Zinke and his team are selling out our shared natural and cultural heritage, putting people and wildlife at risk, and failing to safeguard our future from the ravages of climate change," reads a closing section of the report. "The damage from Secretary Zinke’s policies is mounting. They have caused harm to public lands, public health and safety, and the country’s wildlife and habitats. Left unchecked, the effects will take decades to repair, and yet the consequences of climate change are already upon us. We have no time to lose."

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