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Real estate boom squeezes summer workers near Grand Teton NP

The residents of the Rockin’ H Mobile Home Park in Victor, Idaho, found eviction notices attached to their doors in June 2020. The park had recently been acquired by the business next door, a summer vacation getaway called Teton Valley Resort, which offers RV hookups, tipis, luxury cabins and a spa. These are boom times for Teton Valley’s outdoor and tourism business, and the resort wanted to expand.

The residents were given 90 days to vacate — not enough time under a state housing law. Brian Stephens, an attorney with the Intermountain Fair Housing Council, which represents several of the families involved, noted that trailer park evictions present special issues. “There’s a piece of property to move,” he said. “You’re not just leaving an area; you’re finding a new place to put your home.”

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