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Parkwire returns to GWS!

We are pleased to let you know that the long-running daily news digest, Parkwire, is once again being sponsored by the George Wright Society. Parkwire is the only online daily digest of global news about parks, protected areas, and cultural sites.

Since 2010, Parkwire has offered a daily compilation of 5–10 links to news stories on parks, protected areas, and cultural sites from around the world. Parkwire focuses on the central interests of the GWS — protected area policy, research, and resource management related to all fields of place-based conservation of natural and cultural heritage — and keeps you up to date on the most important happenings in the world of parks.

GWS sponsored Parkwire from its inception through September 2017, when constraints compelled us to suspend our support. Now it's back under our banner!

You can find Parkwire on three platforms:

• Facebook: (the full digest available here; in addition, a couple of the top stories of the day will be cross-posted to the GWS FB page,

• Twitter:

• Right here on the GWS website: (a top story of the day will be posted to the homepage as well)

Parkwire is a service of the GWS to you, our members, and to the conservation community at large. If you like Parkwire, and aren't already a GWS member, please consider joining or donating to the Society.


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