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Lebanon | UNESCO denounces building project at potential WH site

Unesco has issued an open letter criticising a construction project based at the ancient archaeological site of Nahr El-Kalb, north east of Beirut in Lebanon. The site was placed on the “tentative list” for potential nomination to Unesco’s World Heritage roster but the decision by the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) political party to build their headquarters in the area, which dates back to the second-century BC, has drawn fire from Unesco director, Mechtild Rössler.

“The construction project at the archaeological site of Nahr El-Kalb could have a major impact on the site, and possibly jeopardise any future nomination for World Heritage inscription,” Rössler says in the Unesco letter. According to the website L’Orient- Le Jour, “this [new] complex will be built in the immediate vicinity… currently protected by fences, that runs alongside several hundreds of meters of [ancient] stelae.”

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