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Historic 1852 mansion on land once owned by Washington set to be razed

Presidential real estate has been popular lately with Richard Nixon’s West Coast White House being up for sale and Donald Trump secretly selling his Beverly Hills home. But you’d never expect to hear property news about our first president. Well, there is some: A historic home perched on land in Virginia once owned by George Washington is set to be demolished much to the dismay of some locals.

Dubbed Collingwood Mansion, the house was built in 1852 by Henry Allen Taylor. Now, that’s 53 years after Washington’s death. But the stunning home was built on land that the first president purchased in 1760. It was just a sliver of the nearly 8,000 acres of land he owned along the Potomac River, which included five farms. Some historians believe part of the mansion was built to “house one of Washington’s overseers,” according to The Washington Post, although the property records from that time aren’t clear.

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