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Analysis: Is there a conservation breakthrough coming? Yes, say 3 scientists, & PAs will be crucial

As an environmental journalist I’m bombarded every day with headlines like “The Insect Apocalypse is Here” or “Half of Global Wildlife Lost.” The end of nature, at least as previous generations knew it, appears well-freaking-nigh.

But what if what we’re really witnessing is not the wholesale collapse of global biodiversity, but rather a short, albeit bleak, moment in geological time — a moment when the ecological health of the world appears in shambles, but also one in which, if you’re brave enough to see it, the shimmer of a newer, better world starts to emerge? A few scientists now say there are macro patterns that point to a world changing in ways almost impossible for us, in 2019, to wrap our heads around. These patterns show that if we just hold on, if conservationists just stand their ground and hold tight, nature might just make its biggest comeback in human history.

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