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Depending on your browser, you may receive an auto-generated response that recaps the form. However, this is not an official acknowledgment of the receipt of your registration form.  Within a week of submitting this form, the George Wright Society will send you an email confirming receipt.  If, after a week, you do not receive that email message from GWS, contact the GWS office (1-906-487-9722) to confirm that we did in fact receive your registration form.

To complete your registration, please follow these payment instructions. If you are paying by:

  • Credit card, fill out the George Wright Society Secure Payment form at  Your payment will be complete once we've charged the card.

  • Purchase order or personal/institutional check, send the purchase order or check, made payable to "George Wright Society," to George Wright Society, P.O. Box 65, Hancock, MI 49930-0065 USA.

  • If your fees are being covered as part of single consolidated payment that includes fees for other attendees, make sure that the person responsible for the payment submits the credit card information, purchase order, or personal/institutional check as soon as possible, according to the instructions above.  

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