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Dedicated to the preservation and management of parks, protected areas and cultural sites. 
By connecting knowledge and management, we support leaders on the frontlines of conservation.





The George Wright Society champions stewardship of parks, protected areas, and cultural sites by connecting people, places, knowledge, and ideas. We are the only place-based conservation organization that is designed to be interdisciplinary from the ground up. By uniting people from many different backgrounds around a common passion for protecting Earth’s natural and cultural heritage, we create the collaboration needed to meet today’s greatest conservation challenges.

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Today’s Top Parkwire Story

31 March 2020

Dems urge Bernhardt to close all NPs; situation at Grand Canyon NP tense as positive case disclosed

Interior Secretary David Bernhardt faced renewed calls Tuesday to close down the National Park System in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, while at Grand Canyon National Park nerves were fraying among some workers who couldn't understand why the park remained open.


"It is frightening that you continue to allow and encourage park visitation," the Coalition to Protect America's National Parks told Bernhardt in a letter Tuesday. "Your inaction and failure to support the recommendations of experienced (National Park Service) managers and their local communities is putting NPS employees and local gateway community members at serious risk to exposure to the virus potentially carried by travelers from outside the local area."



George Meléndez Wright was born in San Francisco, CA and in 1930 became the first chief of the wildlife division of the U.S. National Park Service. Under his vision and leadership, each park started to survey and evaluate the status of wildlife and to identify urgent problems. As one of the first and only latino staff for the Park Service, he was a true pioneer in celebrating diversity and working together across disciplines for our wildlife and wild places. 

The George Wright Society was founded in 1980 in his honor, to continue the legacy of forward thinking and applied solutions in an ever changing environment.