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18 September 2020

Czech Republic | Company hit with hefty fine for using poisons in Moravian Karst PA


Brno, Sep 18 (BD) – An agricultural firm from Blansko was fined CZK 50,000 by the Protected Landscape Area Administration for using chemicals in the protected area of the Moravian Karst. The company’s appeal was rejected by the Ministry for the Environment.


This case was the first sanction to be imposed after new protected zones were designated in the Moravian Karst last year. Green granules were found in the Karst by forest guards during a patrol last September, near holes allowing water to flow underground. After analysis by conservationists, it was confirmed that the substances were biocides – poisonous substances such as pesticides. The spray was intended to kill snails on a nearby field of canola.

Inspired  by George Meléndez Wright

George Meléndez Wright was born in San Francisco, CA and in 1930 became the first chief of the wildlife division of the U.S. National Park Service. Under his vision and leadership, each park started to survey and evaluate the status of wildlife and to identify urgent problems. As one of the first and only latino staff for the Park Service, he was a true pioneer in celebrating diversity and working together across disciplines for our wildlife and wild places. 

The George Wright Society was founded in 1980 in his honor, to continue the legacy of forward thinking and applied solutions in an ever changing environment. 

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