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The George Wright Society champions stewardship of parks, protected areas, and cultural sites by connecting people, places, knowledge, and ideas. We are the only place-based conservation organization that is designed to be interdisciplinary from the ground up. By uniting people from many different backgrounds around a common passion for protecting Earth’s natural and cultural heritage, we create the collaboration needed to meet today’s greatest conservation challenges.

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5 June 2020

Report: Trump plans to open Northeast Canyons & Seamounts NMon to commercial fishing; lawsuits expected


Criticism was mounting Friday ahead of President Trump's trip to Maine, where he was expected to ease some of the protections for the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts National Monument, a biologically robust area located about 100 miles southeast of Cape Cod National Seashore that became the Atlantic Ocean's first national monument when established by President Obama in 2016.


According to the NOAA Fisheries, the nearly 5,000 square-mile monument "includes two distinct areas, one that covers three canyons and one that covers four seamounts. These undersea canyons and seamounts contain fragile and largely pristine deep marine ecosystems and rich biodiversity, including important deep sea corals, endangered whales and sea turtles, other marine mammals and numerous fish species."

George Meléndez Wright was born in San Francisco, CA and in 1930 became the first chief of the wildlife division of the U.S. National Park Service. Under his vision and leadership, each park started to survey and evaluate the status of wildlife and to identify urgent problems. As one of the first and only latino staff for the Park Service, he was a true pioneer in celebrating diversity and working together across disciplines for our wildlife and wild places. 

The George Wright Society was founded in 1980 in his honor, to continue the legacy of forward thinking and applied solutions in an ever changing environment. 

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