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Ghana | Onepone Endangered Species Refuge declared; will protect rare frogs, vultures, pangolins

On August 21, the Ghanaian government approved the designation of 847 acres — the size of Central Park — as the new Onepone Endangered Species Refuge, safeguarding habitat for numerous threatened species. Rainforest Trust worked closely with its local partner Herp Conservation Ghana to establish this protected area in Ghana’s Togo-Volta Hills near the border with Togo.

The unique biodiversity of the Togo-Volta region makes it a priority conservation site for endemic plants and animals, including the Critically Endangered Togo Slippery Frog and the Endangered Ukami Reed Frog. Critically Endangered Hooded Vultures, Vulnerable Black-bellied and White-bellied Pangolins and a plethora of endemic butterfly and amphibian species all reside within this forested habitat that is facing increasing pressures from forest degradation and hunting. Demand for timber and charcoal production, conversion to agricultural land and new settlements drive much of the forest loss.

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