• Dave Harmon, PW editor

First section of new-built Trump border wall to bisect Bentsen–Rio Grande Valley SP in Texas

The first new segment of border wall to be constructed under President Trump will bisect a butterfly conservation center, a historic church, and a state park along the Texas border. The construction is set to begin in February.

In March, Congress appropriated $1.6 billion to build Trump’s border wall — his signature campaign issue. But Congress earmarked most of the funding to reinforce or replace already existing segments of border fencing. The southern border already has nearly 700 miles of border fencing and barriers built in the last decade. In October, Trump had a gold plaque attached to a two-mile stretch of border fence in Calexico, California, with his name on it to commemorate the first new stretch of Trump’s wall. But the fence was a replacement for an older fence built in the 1990’s. The recently announced 6 miles will be the first new segment of border wall built in a new location by the Trump administration.

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