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Cameroon | Government OKs new road in WH-listed Lobéké NP, drawing criticism from enviros

On 6 Oct., Cameroon’s minister of forestry and wildlife, Jules Doret Ndongo, will appear at a one-day conference focused on protecting the richly biodiverse forests of Central Africa. Yet his government’s policy and practice frequently threaten wildlife and the forests and livelihoods of local people in Cameroon and its regional neighbors.

According to Global Forest Watch, Cameroon lost 3.7% of its primary forest cover between 2002 and 2008 — in the Central Africa region, only Angola (5.3%) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (5.1%) lost more. Data for 2020 shows primary forest losses of 100,000 ha (247,000 acres), nearly double the previous year’s. Analysing the most recent data, the World Resources Institute’s Mikaela Weisse and Elizabeth Goldman attribute much of this deforestation to activities of small-scale farmers in the south of the country.

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