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Brazil | Government, NGO provide very different statistics on Amazon deforestation

Less than two weeks after preliminary data from the Brazilian government suggested a year-over-year drop in Amazon deforestation over the past 12 months, independent analysis from a Brazilian NGO provides evidence of a sharp increase in the rate of forest destruction in Earth’s largest rainforest.

Last week Imazon, an organization based in the Amazonian city of Belém, published the July data from its Sistema de Alerta de Deforestation, which monitors forest clearing in the Amazon on a monthly basis. The data showed that 2,095 square kilometers (809 square miles) of forest were cut down during July, bringing the total deforestation detected since August 1, 2020 to 10,476 square kilometers, the highest on record since at least 2008. The total was the largest extent of monthly forest loss during that period.

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