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Audio update on the Half-Earth project from E.O. Wilson

[In a Mongabay Newscast, Yyu can listen to an audio update from the eminent biologist E.O. Wilson on the Half-Earth Project, a proposal to put half of the planet's land surface in PA status.]

The Half-Earth Project recently held an event at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City called “Half-Earth Day,” which featured the launch of a new Half-Earth educational initiative. Thus there were hundreds of students in the crowd for the marquee event that night — a panel discussion between E.O. Wilson, musician Paul Simon, and New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman (listen to Paul Simon discuss why he supports the Half-Earth Project on a March 2017 episode of the Mongabay Newscast). Many of the students asked the same thing of the panelists: Given the enormity of the problems facing the planet right now, what could they possibly do to help ensure a better tomorrow?

In a broader sense, E.O. Wilson already answered the question of what we can all do to protect the future of life on this planet in his 2016 book, Half-Earth: Our Planet’s Fight For Life. In the book, Wilson lays out an almost deceptively simple prescription for saving life on Earth: Devote half of Earth’s surface to nature, and save 85 percent of global biodiversity.

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