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Argentina | Conservationists call for new laws to protect wetlands

In Argentina, devastating fires are on the rise in the Paraná delta. Activists, lawmakers, non-profit organizations, and scientific institutions are advocating for a law to protect forested areas against the fires, which have been linked to speculative business interests.

Wetlands are areas with land susceptible to flooding or saturated with water for long periods of time. The Paraná, which extends over 19,300 kilometers, is one of the largest deltas in the world. It is part of Argentina’s fertile agricultural system and close to its main metropolitan areas. Hundreds of species of animals and endemic vegetation are found in the Paraná, many of which are at risk of extinction due to human activities like hunting. The wetlands are also the cultural and economic foundation of surrounding communities and cities. Since 2016, the Ramsar International Convention has designated the Paraná delta a protected area, due to its biodiversity and important role in hydrological regulation.

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